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So you’re probably wondering, who is TheJoy.Community?


Our community is a FREE social impact initiative funded by Joy Careers. We have created an online community for Gen-Z to discuss employment related issues. Our content is created by Gen-Z for Gen-Z and overseen by the Careers Queen herself – our founder Belinda Osborne.  


We are a social enterprise focused on helping young people navigate their way through the adult world, in particular the JOB MARKET. I know adulting may seem overwhelming right now but we’re here to give you a helping hand. We’re here to provide you with not only brutally honest careers advice but also to help you with resumes, cover letters, budgeting, job search, networking and general life hacks. 

Our BIGGEST PRIORITY is creating a sense of community where we can support you with your passions and your dreams no matter how large they may seem. We’re not here to boss you around and tell you what to do; rather we’re here to support you, empower you and help you DISCOVER your place in the career world.  

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Still not convinced? Okay let us break it down for you. Here are FIVE Reasons why YOU Need to SIGN UP to TheJoy.Community TODAY!

  • I mean it says it in the name… we’re a COMMUNITY. As cheesy as it may sound, we’re all in this together. Life is hard enough as it is so why navigate the job world on your own! 
  • For years job search has needed a good UPDATE and UPGRADE. And by joining this community you can FINALLY look for work the 2021 way
  • We won’t leave you on READ. We are here to answer all your questions about job search, mental health, life hacks and career advice EVERY DAY. 
  • And finally we take the stress out of job hunting by providing you with passion based career advice – none of that textbook career advice you can get from a Buzzfeed job quiz. 
  • Our three core passions are: ADVOCACY, EQUAL RIGHTS and DIVERSITY. Everyone deserves the opportunity to find CAREER JOY. 

So what makes TheJoy.Community so different?

Well… for one we aren’t sponsored by any evil corporations. Therefore none of our careers advice is influenced by any welfare or educational institutions. Ultimately we offer you careers advice your careers counsellor won’t give you. 

Our focus is to better employment opportunities for young people by modernising job search. We’ll connect you with potential job opportunities through internships, community events, mentoring, networking, and training and development opportunities. Our job is to help you feel empowered to find work that reflects your passions, needs, skills and interests. 

Joy Careers and Training acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as Australiaʼs First Nation. We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders as the traditional owners and ongoing custodians of the land and waters upon which we are situated. We pay our respects to Elders both past, present and emerging and acknowledge the valuable role they play in shaping our future generations. We ensure people of varied cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds are supported to work and participate in our services in a safe, inclusive and appropriate manner. Joy Careers and Training acknowledges and respects people from all walks of life. We ensure to prevent harassment or discrimination of any kind. We sincerely welcome all people irrespective of their disability, age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, faith and spirituality, relationship status and lifestyle choices.