What is SLES?
School Leavers Employment Support.

Joy Careers is a jobs focused social enterprise and we are proud of our 80% success rate within our SLES program since our launch. We create an interests based SLES program based upon Career + Self Aptitude development. Our clients individualized career plan ensures they are ready to transition into their employment goal by the end of the program. 

How are we different: 

1:1 Individualized career support: 

We provide SLES services on a 1:1 Tailored support capacity with opportunities that include; work experience, life skills and personal aptitude boosting activities.. 

We base these activities on individual interests and goals to maximize employability as well as give our clients the tools they need to reach their full potential.

Our program includes:

  • Providing interest lead careers advice and exploratory activities
  • Accessing Work experience + PAID Employment opportunities with inclusive employers
  • Developing self aptitude building activities and dream career experiences such as music production, TikTok creation, songwriting, animal care, childcare and more.
  • Advocacy including job tailoring and employer liaison
  • Securing Inclusive Employers and liaising our clients needs
  • Providing mental health support and awareness
  • 1:1 Workplace Support services
  • Life skills mentoring including budgeting, healthy relationships and friendship meetups
  • Complex Careers Case Management including liaison with Allied Health professionals and Stakeholder meetings to ensure a collaborative approach to reaching our clients goals
  • Entrepreneurship 

Here’s what makes Joy Careers SLES Program different:

Our program structure:

  • The structure of our program is built around YOU and your needs however, we will provide a structured schedule of work experience, self aptitude building activities and career planning based around 8 hours a week of support. However, as we provide a tailored solution this can be delivered at an intensive or slower pace depending on client needs.

Transitioning Into Paid Employment:

  • As a jobs-focused Social Enterprise we continue to utilize this Early Intervention Funding to ensure clients have an increased chance to access Open Employment. We ensure that our tailored Career plan and Life Skills development period includes the transition to Paid Employment by completion of the program (should this be within their goals).


  • Want to start your own business? Joy Careers will help YOU start a business from the ground up – we LOVE helping our clients with new business ideas. No matter how BIG or SMALL we all start somewhere. We help our SLES clients grow ideas from the ground up, work with us to learn each step of the way from product, to marketing, customer service and more.

To apply:

  • Should you or your client be interested in participating please contact Joy Careers today or book a discovery call appointment here to discuss more

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