Employability Skills Programs

We have created the following Employability Skills Programs for NDIS participants, please enquire with us today about upcoming start date:



  • Want to start your own business? Joy Careers will help YOU start a business from the ground up – we LOVE helping our clients with new business ideas. No matter how BIG or SMALL we all start somewhere. Work with us to learn each step of the way from product, to marketing, customer service and more. This program is application only, please enquire with us to find out more. 


Music Industry 101:

  • For our clients who have a passion for music Joy Careers offers a mentoring and work experience program in the field of music performance and audio production. Clients will receive experience based advice and training from industry professionals along with hands on work experience to get them ready for the creative industries sector. This is a 12 week program that is application only, please enquire with us to discuss start dates 


So you want to be TikTok famous!?!
Create a Podcast?! Well this is Social Media 101:

  • Who wants to go viral?! Well that’s the aim of this 12 week experience to create a personal brand, get moving with content creation and create your own digital media strategy. The purpose of this course is to believe in ourselves, share our stories and push each other to get out there and share our sparkle!!! Interested?! Enquire NOW!

Learn why you need to find your Career Joy!