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We are here to create better employment opportunities for young people by modernising careers advice. We’ll connect you with potential job opportunities through internships, community events, mentoring, networking, and training and development opportunities. Our job is to help you feel empowered to find work that reflects your passions, needs, skills and interests. 

Our BIGGEST PRIORITY is creating a sense of community where we can support you with your passions and your dreams no matter how large they may seem. We’re not here to boss you around and tell you what to do; rather we’re here to support you, empower you and help you DISCOVER your place in the career world.  

When you work with Joy Careers, you join our community.

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Careers Advice

Joy Careers believes that workplace happiness and mental wellness is a key component to our success as a community.

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We create environments in which you can grow your skills, network with likeminded people and also grow your friendship circle. We truely believe that community and proximity are the key to success.

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We advocate for Youth Employment issues daily meaning we connect you with socially conscious employers and advocate for your rights

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