Tailored Employment Specialists, Advocates for INDEPENDENCE + OPEN EMPLOYMENT


Joy Careers are Career Development Specialists operating on a 5 Stage Employability skills program designed alongside the Australian Careers Blueprint and by Youth Careers Expert, Belinda Osborne.

We provide job tailoring, self advocacy training, workplace assessment + support, accessibility advocacy + employability skills training alongside independence building + creation of communities and support. 

Our Program:

STEP 1: Self Discovery
STEP 2: Community 
STEP 3 Work Experience
STEP 4: Securing Paid Employment
STEP 5: Life Skills 


Joy Careers was created to further the NDIS mission of increasing further participation in OPEN employment. We are here to celebrate diversity and walk alongside our clients whilst we help their dreams come true. We are OPENLY ANTI-ADE and ADVOCATE for ALL Clients to achieve career success.

For NDIS Clients, we work a little differently than you standard “disability” organisation *yawn* We are GOAL orientated, meaning our support ranges each stage and week depending on YOUR NEEDS. We ramp up support for new jobs, career changes etc. and drop back once you are INDEPENDENT. Joy Careers is a big believer in ADVOCACY, LISTENING to your needs and responding. We build opportunities where you are in the drivers seat, making YOUR decisions. WE SUPPORT YOU.

As a Social Enterprise, we provide this service through ALL funding pools within NDIS funding for “Plan + Self Managed” participants through hourly rate as low as $57 per hour if needed, for Careers Counsellors that are worth up to $200 per hour. We do this because we believe in setting up PAID Employment opportunities, celebrating self expression and career exploration alongside the pursuit of long term career goals.

We adjust our strategy of development and tailor our service to each client for their benefit. All clients are progressed through the program however, due to accessibility requirements and life stages our program lengths range from 3 to 36 months.

The Joy Careers difference:

Employment Support.

We secure tailored, individualised PAID employment opportunities for NDIS participants

Creative Programs + Exploration.

As proud diverse individuals, we believe in empowering our clients creative endeavours to flourish into careers of creativity! We are proud advocatese for the creative community and creators of creativity incubators + employment outcomes

Mentoring + Entrepreneurship Mentoring.

Want to start your own business? Joy Careers will help YOU start a business from the ground up – we LOVE helping our clients with new business ideas. No matter how BIG or SMALL we all start somewhere. Work with us to learn each step of the way from product, to marketing, customer service and more.

It’s time we spoke about your future!

Here at Joy Careers, we create opportunities, empower individuals and change lives! We are here to help you to reach CAREER JOY.

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Find your Career Joy!

Here at Joy Careers, we create opportunities, empower individuals and change lives!

Joy Careers and Training acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as Australiaʼs First Nation. We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders as the traditional owners and ongoing custodians of the land and waters upon which we are situated. We pay our respects to Elders both past, present and emerging and acknowledge the valuable role they play in shaping our future generations. We ensure people of varied cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds are supported to work and participate in our services in a safe, inclusive and appropriate manner. Joy Careers and Training acknowledges and respects people from all walks of life. We ensure to prevent harassment or discrimination of any kind. We sincerely welcome all people irrespective of their disability, age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, faith and spirituality, relationship status and lifestyle choices