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What can Joy Careers do for you?!

Joy Careers is a social enterprise recruitment solution built to improve the quality of employment opportunities for Gen Z and Millennials

Joy Careers is very passionate about increasing employment opportunities for young people and spreading community awareness about the power of being a socially conscious workplace. We are up to date about the amazing support available to diverse and inclusive workplaces and would love to partner with you to share our vision!

How does our Recruitment work?

With well over a decade of Recruitment experience we are EXPERTS at finding you the best possible candidate for your role without prejudice. Joy Careers is here to help bridge the gap and connect you to the future of employment.

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Workplace Happiness + Mental Health Advocacy

Joy Careers believes that workplace happiness and mental wellness is a key component to our success as a community. We only partner with business that believe in this message.

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Joy Careers will partner with you to increase your inclusivity hires including further access and support to hire staff with mental health or disabilities.

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67% of job seekers consider workplace diversity an important factor when considering employment opportunities, and more than 50% of current employees want their workplace to do more to increase diversity.

We’re ready to improve your recruitment process!

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Why is our Recruitment Hub unique?

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Coordinate employers’ shortlisting process

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Provide phone support during recruitment

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Assist with personality & psychometric profiling

It’s time we spoke about their future!

So whether it be internships, casual positions, traineeships or full time jobs our FREE Recruitment Hub program will be your go-to support in finding your ideal staff moving forward.

Please note: Joy Careers will not pay advertising costs for employers, should you wish to advertise on paid job boards, we will forward these costs onto you.