5 Step Career Development Program

5 Step Career Development

As Youth Employment Specialists we have tailored the Joy Careers Career Development Model  to partner with all of our Job  Creation programs to ensure our clients are ready to participate in gainful, paid employment with a focus on community, inclusivity and self advocacy.

5 Step Career Development Model: 

We have created a 5 Stage Process inline with the Australian Careers Blueprint that ensures all of our clients are Job Ready + Prepared for Employment + Independence.

Step 1: Self Discovery

Discovering our WEIRD + and our WHY.

We deep dive in our clients talents + demonstrate how their unique skills can benefit their careers of interest. 

We create meaningful careers pathways that link Interests, Skills + Goals whilst promoting exploration and discovery.

We learn how to Self Advocate and discuss our individual diverse needs with the community.

Step 2: Community

Our Community is a part of us. 

As a Social Enterprise, we care about our Community. 

Our Program incorporates volunteering and impact to discover more about our place within the community and how to grow skills around participating within it including small talk, active participation, what our values + impact goals are and how to create change. 

We immerse clients in community service opportunities, personal relationship skills and awareness of the world around them to facilitate a long-standing sense of belonging and practice their skills before entering the workplace.

Step 3: Work Experience

Tailored Work Experience + plus modern Job Search Skills

Active demonstrations and practice sessions of the work environment accompanied by partnered companies. Career Development activities on How to look for work, what to expect within the workplace and how to secure employment.

Our Partnerships Manager starts to work with our Client + Career Development Counsellors to secure Work Experience to explore what paid employment would look like for them.

Step 4: Securing Paid Employment

Inclusive, open, tailored Employment opportunities

We advocate for + secure paid employment opportunities for our clients + educate them on to self advocating within the workplace. Our Team secured Tailored Employment Opportunities based on our clients goals, location + individual interests. We provide 1:1 Employment Support for training period and advocate for our client with the Employer.

Step 5: Life Skills

Maintaining employment + growing independence

Once our client is within PAID Employment we focus on maintaining this position with them and increasing independence. We start to broaden awareness on work-life balance + long term career planning and self-education alongside financial management, budgeting + mental health awareness.

Working with Diverse Youth our Programs can have durations between 3 months to 2 years

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Here at Joy Careers, we create opportunities, empower individuals and change lives! We are here to help you to reach CAREER JOY.

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Here at Joy Careers, we create opportunities, empower individuals and change lives!

Joy Careers and Training acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as Australiaʼs First Nation. We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders as the traditional owners and ongoing custodians of the land and waters upon which we are situated. We pay our respects to Elders both past, present and emerging and acknowledge the valuable role they play in shaping our future generations. We ensure people of varied cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds are supported to work and participate in our services in a safe, inclusive and appropriate manner. Joy Careers and Training acknowledges and respects people from all walks of life. We ensure to prevent harassment or discrimination of any kind. We sincerely welcome all people irrespective of their disability, age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, faith and spirituality, relationship status and lifestyle choices